Article Submission to a Special Issue (deadline is 26th of march 2016)

Scope of the special issue EcoHydrology’2015

The special issue is proposed to address the four topics of the conference. The selected papers in this topic are expected to reflect the advances in the methodology.

Topic 1: Approaches to modeling and management of eco-hydrological processes.

Topic 2: Methods and models for the determination of environmental flows in rivers and estuaries

Topic 3: Social and Economic values of water-related ecosystem services

Topic 4: Environmental monitoring and measuring of water-related natural processes


Special issue
How to access the journal website and also how to submit your paper to the special issue which is dedicated to the oral presentations that have been made during the conference EcoHydrology'2015.

Use the following link inyour browser to access the journal website:

Log In in the" Author information" box
* Create your account if it does not already exists
Tick the "Author login" box
Tick the "Submit New Manuscript" box
Tick "Cancel" box for Link to ORCID
Tick "Choose Article Type" box and then select " SI: Ecohydrology '2015"
Fill the following panels.

The instructions for the writting of your paper, and a recall of the scope of the journal, are available from the "Author information" box.

The deadline for papers submission, before the reviewing process starts, is 26th of march 2016.


In case of difficulty, do no thesitate to contact me (

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